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Procurement Policies

Decision Criteria

We give all suppliers fair and uniform consideration.
Our decisions to buy are based on objective criteria such as price and quality as well as a supplier’s reliability, integrity, innovation, and commitment to continuous improvement.

Code of Conduct

At Colgate, our reputation for high ethical standards remains among our greatest business assets. We articulate our principles and values in the Colgate Code of Conduct.

Download the complete Code of Conduct.

Business Practices Guidelines

Our Business Practices Guidelines illustrate how the values and principles outlined in the Colgate Code of Conduct apply to particular business situations.

Read more about our Business Practices Guidelines.

Living our Values for Sustainability

Colgate's success is founded on the company's core values of Caring, Continuous Improvement and Global Teamwork.

Learn about our commitment to sustainable development.

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Our Products

We make the products that make you smile.

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Our Values

Explore the initiatives, processes and policies that help us continue to strengthen Colgate-Palmolive and the communities where we work and live. Read about our dedication to Colgate's core values and high ethical standards, as outlined in our Code of Conduct and our commitment to sustainable development.


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